Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Graduations are a milestone in one's life and  a time for celebration with family and friends. Graduation party planning can be a bit stressful though.  After all, a graduation represents a significant event and you  will want this  special occasion to be memorable.
If you have a graduation celebration coming up and you are in charge of planning the party, here are a few graduation party ideas to make your celebration unique and a lot of fun.

Having a list helps ,so here are a few steps to help you in getting your event started:

Pick a Date, Time and Place
The very most important detail is the date and time of the party. Between social activities and preparing for last minute test and exams, graduates tend to be incredibly busy. Check in with your graduate and nail down the time and date of the party. Make sure it's on their calendar!
Make sure you create a budget and secure a place for the party.

Create a To Do List
I don’t do anything without a list. A list keeps you on track when you start to feel overwhelmed and this way something won’t fall through the cracks.

Graduation Party Theme
Having a theme is fun.  It will help with the decorations and food ideas. Whether it’s a barbeque at home or a sit down meal at a restaurant, a theme will help.

Graduation Party Invitation
Send out invitations as soon as possible with date ,time, place and theme. You can send them on-line if you are running out of time.

Menu Planning
If having the party at home try preparing food ahead of time. If having the party at a venue be prepared for alternative choices to stay within your budget.

Day of the Party
Sleep as late as you can; you are going to need all the energy you can get!
Give your graduate a letter saying how proud you are of them.
Give your graduate a big hug and let the celebration begin!

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