Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Declutter- Get Ready For Summer

It's time to move forward, to blast your way out of the past, clear out whats clogging the hallways, hearts and memories of your life.  Get ready for Summer, declutter.

Throw out 20 things from your home and your mind.
  1. Magazines more than 3 months old, they are fire hazards
  2. Old receipts clogging the kitchen drawer, you know which drawer I mean !
  3. Keys that seem to have no locks that match, They haven't had for years, maybe decades!
  4. The belief that you are alone
  5. Trying to please everyone
  6. Stale spices & ingredients
  7. Medicines for conditions you no longer have or that are expired
  8. A single sock, glove or earring, it's mate is not going to be coming back !
  9. Thinking that if you let go of the memorabilia, you'll lose the memories
  10. The times you messed up
  11. Thinking you have to have all the answers
  12. T-shirts from the company outing you grudgingly attended two weeks before you were laid off
  13. Thinking you are always right
  14. The belief that your best days are behind you
  15. Clothes that no longer fit
  16. The need for everyone to like you
  17. Make-up in shades you no longer wear or can't be found in nature !
  18. Twisty ties, random paper clips and safety pins
  19. Wire clothes hangers
  20. Books that you will get to someday
Take control of your life, declutter. Tossing things we don't need can free up more than closet space.
The stress in your face and body will ease and your confidence will return. Things start to fall into place in every area of your life when you declutter ...

Have fun while you declutter, you will be glad you did !