Thursday, June 3, 2010

Latest News in Green Building

The Philippines has received its first Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design gold certification for semiconductor maker Texas Instruments Inc.’s new assembly and test facility in Pampanga.
The 780,000-square-foot Green facility is located on the former United States of America Clark Air Base. The facility is the company’s first site to install a section of vegetative roofing, covering 11,000 square feet with living plants to reduce heat gain and slow water runoff.
The facility also uses natural day lighting where possible and efficient lights equipped with sensors and controls to balance the building’s lighting needs.

Texas Instruments operates a desiccant wheel air handling unit at the facility to provide dehumidified fresh air for more efficient cooling. The desiccant wheel absorbs the remaining moisture brought by traditional chilled water cooling, and is then dried and regenerated through waste heat.
The company also sourced 20 percent of the building materials used from recycled content, and recycled and reused 96 percent of its construction waste. This included donating a truckload of waste crating material to the Philippines National Apiary project, which turned the wood into working beehives for honey production.
In addition, the Clark facility features low-emitting materials such as paints, adhesives, sealants and carpeting to reduce off-gassing while providing better indoor air quality.

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