Monday, June 21, 2010

Tron Legacy Cycles , These aren't Your Father's Hot Wheels

Disney Pictures is gearing up for a December release of Tron: Legacy with a line of cutting edge toys that defy gravity.

Most are beautiful dark-chrome replicas of vehicles and gizmos from the film, complete with neon-glowing trim, but to really feel like Kevin Flynn barreling through cyber space, we recommend the zero gravity light cycles. These aren't your father's Hot Wheels--as the name implies, these futuristic remote control vehicles can actually climb walls.

"One of the things the light cycles can do in the movie is ride in the third dimension," says Chris Heatherly, VP of Disney Toys and Electronics, who gave Fast Company a sneak peak at the upcoming Tron toy line. "We recreated that using Spin Master's zero G technology that lets you ride up the walls and upside down on the ceiling." In addition to the zero gravity tech, the cycles also feature six-foot light emitting trails. When two bikes are racing against each other, and one crosses through the other's light trail, it'll fall off the wall or ceiling, just as in the film.
Watching these toys zoom around the wall vertically or upside down, seemingly free from the restraints of gravity, makes you forget the toys are designed for children ages 8 and up.

Set for an October 2010 release, these light cycles, which are only $34.99, are sure to be a holiday hit.

Read More on these holiday hits Via Fast Company


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