Friday, July 2, 2010

E-dentity Disorder, How many do you have? Watch Video

 How many times have you heard a horror story of how debaucherous Facebook photos have ended the chances of a job candidate?

Most of us have numerous online personalities, from multiple email usernames and messenger logins, to private Twitter feeds and social network profiles. It seems every online tool calls for different behavior. Speaking recently at our Most Creative People in Business event, Soraya Darabi, product lead at and #53 on our list, called this syndrome "multiple e-dentity disorder."

"I'm very different on Twitter than on Facebook," Darabi told audiences. "I have a professional self on LinkedIn, and a personal self on Tumblr."

According to Darabi, all these professional and personal Internet services create a chasm between our true selves and our online identity. "What social media presents really is an issue of Web literacy," she explained. "We have to first understand what it means to be social online before we can accurately and authentically represent ourselves on each individual platform."

Until then, however, what makes its way to our social network profiles and Twitter feeds often offers a skewed picture of our identities--glimpses that interviewers and HR officers somehow always pick up on. Do you have multiple e-dentity disorder?     Via   FastCompany

Check out Video:

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