Monday, July 12, 2010

Electric Trucks

 If a house can generate its own electricity, why can't the trucking industry? The industry might not be far off, with a new technology that generates sustainable electricity by capturing the kinetic energy of moving trucks.

New Energy Technologies says it's approaching commercialization with its MotionPower-Heavy technology, an alternative energy source the company believes will be technically and economically competitive with solar photovoltaic modules, such as those we see on the roofs of commercial buildings and residential houses. The difference is, MotionPower may cost less to the owner and is intended for use at application-specific locations.

While New Energy's version of MotionPower-Auto for cars and light trucks is intended for such locations as toll booths, traffic intersections, rest areas, and border crossings, the company is interested in demonstrating the technology at trucking facilities, warehouses, transportation depots, weigh stations and truckstops. In fact, the company will be demonstrating at a cargo port in the Northeast, according to John Conklin, manager of product development and business development for New Energy.

Conklin says MotionPower provides a way for businesses, state agencies and Departments of Transportation and cities to offset their electricity costs by producing their own. This can help reduce their operating expenses. For example, the energy produced from MotionPower may be designed and operated to power a weigh scale, with electrical energy supplied into a load center to power facility fixtures, or excess energy put back on the grid (i.e., net metering interconnect agreement). Later this summer and into the fall, New Energy will be traveling around the country, offering two-day demonstrations.

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