Monday, September 13, 2010

Here's a Happy Stat about Cybercriminals

 Here's a happy stat: Hackers create at least 57,000 fake websites a week, reports SecurityWeek.

Most are set up to be clones of banks or other commerce sites, with eBay and Western Union by far the most common.

Others in the top 10 include Visa, HSBC, Bank of America, Amazon, and PayPal. Search engines constantly update to weed them out, but the hackers are relentless.

And because the 57,000 figure comes from the research of just one security company, the real number is probably higher, notes SecurityWeek.

The 10 most Targeted brands among all fake websites tracked by PandaLabs:
1. eBay – 23.21 percent
2. Western Union – 21.15 percent
3. Visa – 9.51 percent
4. United Services Automobile Association – 6.85 percent
5. HSBC – 5.98 percent
6. Amazon – 2.42 percent
7. Bank of America – 2.29 percent
8. PayPal – 1.77 percent
9. Internal Revenue Service – 1.69 percent
10. Bendigo Bank – 1.38 percent

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