Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New York sky-scrapers dim lights to help migratory birds

A growing number of New York sky-scrapers are switching their lights off to help reduce the number of birds hitting the high-rise buildings.

The "lights out" project - organized by NYC Audubon (US wild bird protection group) runs until  November 1st, when migratory birds are expected to have completed their autumn migrations.

The Empire State and Chrysler buildings, two of the tallest city buildings, are among those dimming their lights.

An estimated 90,000 birds are killed in New York each year as a result of striking glass-fronted buildings.

Organizers of the annual initiative, now in its fifth year, say the bright lights disorientate the migrating birds and override their natural navigational cues and are asking owners and tenants of high-rise buildings to turn off their lights on unoccupied floors or unused space between midnight and dawn

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